Crippled Landscapes, Nutty Ponds

Crippled Landscapes, Nutty Ponds


La Casa Encendida

Lorenzo Galgó



Listening time

35 min

Image by Lorenzo Galgó
[Fig. Image by Lorenzo Galgó]

For the radiophonic piece, Lorenzo has investigated the National Park of Las Tablas de Daimiel as a subject of union between the theories of disability and queer with environmental theories.

The work is the result of an investigation of the relationship between the disabled body and the landscape, using the subject of the Tablas de Daimiel National Park as its center. This place is perceived in popular memory as a failed, exploited, destroyed space. An ecosystem of river tables without water that is claimed, not as a place in transit or landscape that longs for the possibility of a wetter future, but as a space in plenitude, relating to new ways of understanding disabled bodies.

You can listen to the whole piece here!

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