Removing strata with the tongue
remover estratos 1
Remover estratos con la lengua, poster by Matteo Guarnaccia and Jaime del Corro

Remover estratos con la lengua


Eulàlia Rovira

Adrian Schindler






Focus is a series of the Institute for Postnatural Studies that, through different short-term exhibition formats, aims to deepen the practice of emerging artists. The first edition took place at Pradiauto (Madrid) and centered on the artistic practice of Eulàlia Rovira and Adrian Schindler.

The works gathered in this exhibition allude to the human desire to influence nature and exploit its resources, focusing on minor cases such as a fruit discarded by global consumption, the control and spillage of fluids in a post-industrial city or the extraction of proto-oil by throwing rocks into the fire. 

Remover estratos con la lengua at Pradiauto, 2021
Remover estratos con la lengua at Pradiauto. Madrid, 2021

Their collaborative practice is structured by writing and involves exercises of displacement for both the eye that looks and the voice that narrates. Moving between subsoil and surface, they pass through gases, bones, chemicals, divinities, technologies and plants, in an attempt to subvert the centrality of the subject. The exhibition was accompanied by a performance, a screening, and a talk.

Eulàlia Rovira and Adrian Schindler performing at the exhibition. Pradiauto, Madrid, 2021
Eulàlia Rovira and Adrian Schindler performing at the exhibition. Madrid, 2021
F 4
Stroll by the river as part of Focus #1 with the artist and IPS team

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