Reprogramming Time

Reprogramming Time


Yamil Leonardi

Caja Negra Editora





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“The relationship between the states of the world, between now and tomorrow, the present and the future is not a relationship of necessity. The present does not contain the future as a linear development. The emergence of a form among the many possible forms is the provisional and unstable effect of a polarization, it is the fixation of a pattern. Aesthetic sensitivity consists of a tuning within the vibratory plurality of possibilities and the detection of a feasible inclination in terms of its evolution. The poetic act is the prophetic insinuation of the clinamen, of the point of precipitation and fixation of the vibratory movement of the possible events.”

Bifo Berardi

We invited the creation of a written work of indefinite length and open genre with which to generate narratives around other temporalities and materialities or to experiment in their own format with the times and materiality of writing itself in relation to new formats and digital media. 

mnemo (✝Yamil Leonardi) was the artist in residency selected, who developed his project, a “fragmentary, non-linear and science-fictional cultural micro-history from the digital randomness of the internet, with a memetic, algorithmic, audiovisual-textual language; to analyze, from social networks and digital platforms, the could be

As a final result of the residency, the text was published digitally on the Caja Negra web platform, adapting the editorial artifact to the needs proposed by the selected author's project.

Full project here!

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