Concerto para plantas

Concerto para plantas


José Venditti





Concerto para plantas 2
José Venditti performing at Institute for Postnatural Studies

Concerto para plantas is a project of experimentation between the visual and sound arts that invites us to rethink our relationship with nature, establishing an active dialogue between humans and plants. The proposal seeks to place the plant world at the center of the artistic experience, abandon the anthropocentric vision of the world and enable a new field of aesthetic research.

Activating the different sensibilities of both species, the project understands listening and sound perception (in their different forms) as tools for the definitive dissolution of the categorization between nature and culture, trying to establish a new multi-species environment of creation and experience.

The first "Concierto para plantas" took place at the Institute for Postnatural Studies on the 24.11.2019

Concerto para plantas

José Venditti is a composer, sound and visual artist based in Madrid.

Musically, he is interested in understanding musical social constructions and confronting them. The sonorous struggle between the known and understandable and the still unknown and abstract, the tensions that are created in that confrontation.

José plays the saxophone, and tries to work with his sound from the deconstruction of classical patterns. He also works with field recordings, synthesizers, contact microphones, generative software, etc. He has released a collaborative LP with the label Autoplacer, a cassette with the label Crystal Mine from Burgos, and a studio album with Audiotalaia, as well as a couple of self-released works. He has performed a/v concerts and performances in Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ireland, England and Spain.

Much of his artistic work focuses on sound and visual research, experimentation and creation, interested in contemporary perceptions and aesthetics of image and sound, the learned codes and patterns of listening and viewing that persist today and the new codes that are being constructed. He has presented works and other artistic projects in Espacio Fundación Telefónica (Madrid), Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid), Tabakalera (Donosti), Festival Internacional de arte sonoro de Montevideo, Museo de la Memoria de Montevideo, Heritage Space Hanoi (Vietnam), Medialab Prado (Madrid), SEMINCI (Valladolid), Plato Hedro (Medellín)...

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