"The word, or the concept of Xeno", can carry a curse and a gift in its meaning. It depends on the voice that enunciates it, the hand that writes it, or the being that manages it. For some, the presence or idea of something "alien" may promote violent and discriminatory Western political, social, colonial, and economic constructs. While for others, they may find that in the "unknown" body, real or fictional, lies hope for the future. Xeno is always "strange", and in this program, we will focus on interpreting in different ways the experience of "otherness" through creation and "role-play".

Inspired by the different degrees of freedom possible in the first steps of role-playing games, this group and individual exercise will develop an approach to the "other" gazes with which we relate in this kind of world. We will shape a role-playing game by creating the rules, the territory, the scenarios, the costumes, and the skills that define its characters, in order to offer the possibility of creating worlds beyond the biological-physical limits in which we live. Xeno Dungeon is an experimental exercise in which we will investigate the limits of one's own body through bodily exercises, conversations, and speculative creation.

The objective of this workshop may adopt all the formats we deem convenient (illustration, essay, sculpture, political discourse, costumes, product...) in order to generate the image of an imaginary, desirable, speculative, empathic and above all, xenoperspective world.

Description and usability

The workshop XENOSCAPES aimed to make use of the tool of roleplaying games and speculation to imagine and work on more desirable universes, where a frictionless, and xenoperspective-driven adventure will drive players to decentralize our point of view, acknowledging the identity of other entities beyond the human.

From this website, you can access all five games developed during the course. Each link grants access to the Player's Handbook, a map, and the rest of the basic content to organize a virtual RPG session.

The content is oriented to be used through a visual and a video virtual platform. Therefore, it is recommended to use a tool such as MIRÓ to create a virtual tabletop and organize the conversation around a virtual room such as ZOOM or Google Meets.


XS - Animalia - img

El desarrollo tecnológico humano y el afán de la especie por dominar el medio conllevó una serie de catástrofes naturales que, sumadas a los conflictos políticos y la intervención de armas biológicas y nucleares resultaron, como muchos predecían, en el colapso de la civilización y la extinción de la especie. Las últimas generaciones humanas guardaron todo el conocimiento que pudieron en una gran base de datos llamada El Archivo.

Tras tres siglos de barbecho en los que el planeta comenzó a sanar de la acción humana y se restituyó su curso natural, algunas especies animales supervivientes comenzaron a evolucionar adaptándose al medio y desarrollando aptitudes que hasta ahora solo eran conocidas por la especie humana. Quizás el mayor ejemplo de este proceso fue la aparición de distintos grados de conciencia y razón en varios grupos animales. Conforme el mundo se reponía y las sociedades se consolidaban un grupo de intelectuales animaloides denominaron a esta época La Era de la Regeneración.

Estos fueron unos siglos de paz, en los que los diferentes reinos animales se estructuraron adaptándose a los diferentes hábitats de su isla, ninguno sobrepasaba en autoría los límites de cada una y convivían en comunión celebrando periódicamente concilios en los que compartían los recursos y conocimientos que cada uno desarrollaba. Aparecieron nuevas tecnologías vernaculares, un mismo idioma común junto al autóctono de cada isla, nuevos 9 oficios y organismos que de forma colaborativa velaban para satisfacer y solucionar las diferencias de cada habitante. Además el progreso tecnológico permitió empezar a conocer la historia de Animalia antes de estas sociedades.

Se encontraron fósiles de la civilización humana a la que ellos denominaron ánimas. Como para nosotros los dinosaurios, todos los animaloides conocían su existencia. Esto se hizo especialmente patente en la tecnología humana que encontraron esparcida por las distintas islas.

En los últimos tiempos, se han comenzado a dar de nuevo las catástrofes que llevaron al colapso de la especie humana, incrementando los conflictos entre las islas y creando un clima de tensión sin precedentes.


Tawa media
Aerial view of Tawa

For thousands of years, the world was a free and populated environment where humans could live in peace. Nonetheless, humans throughout the centuries took advantage of the natural resources they were given and after many wars, they ended up destroying the earth. Throughout these years humans develop certain skills to maintain and support themselves.

Situated in the year 4300 few survivors of this world decided to divide the people into 5 communities taking into consideration the necessitates and abilities. House fire, air, water and soil were chosen to lead along the side of house Flora; house Flora was chosen due to the importance and necessities for their seed to grow back the earth as it used to be. As the years went by, the houses decided that it was important to teach their remaining people how to take care of the soil they were living in, therefore, they made a law: "From the day you are born you will be taught your houses skill together with the responsibility of the harvesting the seeds for when you turn 18 you can empower your path and help TAWA expand"

For many years, this statement was followed and many of the most affluent families started to make alliances with one another to grow their wealth to help and live in harmony. Suddenly, every house but house flora starts to suffer the deforestation of their land. Every element house gets together and selects a fighter each house to go out on a quest and try to solve the mystery together.

Perpetuum Mobile

XS - Perpetuum

The world of Perpetuum made large fragmented chunks of floating land masses revolving around a gigantic floating orb. Not too dissimilar to the sun in a solar system, this Orb is what keeps the large chunks of mass together in formation as they revolve around its gravity and keeps the masses in perpetual motion. The fragmented masses are home to the people of Perpetuum. These masses form four large clusters and from these four clusters come the four ethnic nations in Perpetuum. In these four nations live the Half breeds and they make up most of the population of Perpetuum. The Half breeds have built utopian cities on large landmasses.

These cities are powered by science and magic combined making the utopian cities Through their intellect they have harnessed technology to be able to replicate and clone almost anything from nature. Through this fusion of magic and technology they have been able to solve hunger and resources are in abundance. But there is a twist. Due to massive cloning, replication, and reproduction of natural resources the natural aspects of the resources decline becoming inferior the more and more the resource has been cloned. If cloned too much the resources decline in certain aspects such as food not having the same tastes and flavors, or textiles not having the same texture, or vibrant colors as the original ones. Therefore, this has created another resource in the form of pure and impure resources. Because of this pure natural resources are scarce and are considered sacred to the clan that protects them.

For this reason, as the Big Bang approaches, great uncertainty is generated as to what would be the right thing to do on the part of the tribes. Find a way to take possession, use the resources and replicate them with technology, and see what can happen to the stability of the planet, or respect the ideology of all history, and prepare for the great Big Bang drought.


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900 hundred years ago a species had the need to migrate from the valley they lived in. They traveled for 2 months in search of energy which came directly from the sun to their rough and thick skin. They finally got to Eden, a remote mountain that hides a paradise in it. They baptized it “the sunlight mountain” because of the number of UV rays that reach this place.

They created a community free of injustice and differences which reigned a higher quality of life in their environment. Eden ́s habitants promoted a fair life for all living creatures that habited it. This means that they lived without anything or anyone compromising the physical integrity of the creatures. They called themselves the Hercularians, which for them meant a species of good deeds.

EDEN is a mountain far from similar to any men have ever envisioned before. Although like our planet it has oceans, firm land, and a sky, its sea is composed of a million types of coral, each of a different color and ability to reflect light. The sky is a constant mirage of comets and shooting stars and firm land is a paradise for all living creatures who inhabit it.



Unlanded is a sanctuary of peace, ancient wisdom, and high consciousness. This is due to a very old process of community that settled a culture grounded in values of love, synchronicity, and a deep understanding of nature, respect, and compassion.

This world is tree-centered. This infinite and eternal tree occupies the center of this continent. It balances this world, nurtures, absorbs, and provides life. As a metaphor, it operates as a giant hypersensitive computer. Rooted and connected to absolutely everything, this tree houses in itself all the information of living things, collecting and transforming this information into “fruits”. Fruits store information and give birth to habitats. Semi Physical and ethereal beings. Tree as a receptor is extremely sensitive not only to interactions but also experiences, thoughts, and emotions of the living things that coexist in Unlanded. This sum of collective psychological processes has a biological impact on the weather as well, as everything is connected and in continuous communication. This psychological process is like energy particles that can transform things and alchemize the composition of matter. This is, thunder, rain, night and light are a natural response to the concentration of the inhabitant's energies. For this, day or night have different time lengths depending on the collective emotional experience, as well as rain, storms... Habitants are born as seeds that drop from a giant tree. Seeds are the complex result of the mixed information coming from the rest of the seeds that ended their life cycle and were processed through the thick trunk.

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