A Green Jade Lake - Publication

A Green Jade Lake - Publication




Chus Martinez 

Inés Muñozcano 

Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo 

Claudia Rodríguez-Ponga







In a situation of ecological fragility, we need to rethink the relationships and flows that are established between humans, ecosystems and their environment, and to take into consideration the differences that exist between the natural and the artificial. The publication “A Green Jade Lake” compiles research and reflections that were carried out and developed for the first exhibition ever to be curated by the Institute for Postnatural Studies, and includes texts and narratives by thinkers, artists and curators (Geocinema, Chus Martinez, Inés Muñozcano, Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo, Claudia Rodríguez-Ponga) that help us to reflect on the idea of nature from different perspectives. Far from being a mere illustration of the exhibition, the book has been conceived as a project in itself, an open dialogue replete with leaks and possibilities.


Dealing with very different subjects such as coexistence, colonialism, technology, botany, territorial policies or the aesthetics associated with the representation of nature, the publication has been conceived as a constellation, relating texts and reflections in different formats and longitudes. This invitation to reflect on human action in the world attempts to bring us closer to ecology from different perspectives and to increase our curiosity about the stories that lie hidden behind art and culture. The research, the texts, the works and the references that fill this volume make up a new landscape in which the links and ideas covered by the exhibition enter into dialogue and take on new meaning. If the inauguration of the exhibition marked the beginning of a curatorial idea, this publication, this recompilation of voices and texts also constitutes a new beginning from whence to continue thinking about the idea of the natural in our contemporary world.


EDITED BY: Institute for Postnatural Studies YEAR: 2022 FORMAT: 12 x 18 cm PAGES: 224 LANGUAGES: Spanish / English ISBN: 978-84-18299-18-6 PUBLISHED BY: CentroCentro

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