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Until 16th July

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The Institute for Postnatural Studies (IPS) is a cultural platform whose work focuses on the relationship between contemporary artistic practices and the necessary revision of the concept of nature, offering itself as an open space for exchange that connects production with critical thinking. At a time of ecological fragility, and focused on the challenges posed by the climate crisis, the IPS seeks to bring together artistic processes, local and international. Founded in 2020, it is conceived as a networked platform that brings together artists and researchers concerned with ecology through experimental formats of exchange and open knowledge production. From its headquarters located in the Usera district of Madrid, IPS aims to become a tool for transformation, offering new approaches to creation in all its formats, from conceptualization, production, programming, editing, exchange, and documentation. The 300m² space houses the residency space, which hosts stays of varying lengths for emerging artists and thinkers. Through processual projects or research that can draw on our network and infrastructure, the residencies are conceived as opportunities for collaboration with local agents and spaces for creation and research. The IPS has an accommodation space for residents on the first floor, with a kitchen, living room, and dining room, as well as a separate bathroom and bedroom. In addition, the headquarters has a production workshop, shared workspaces and open space where the Institute's thematic and action lines converge through the invitation to artists, researchers, and cultural agents to create dialogues with the participants of its programme and the general public.

International Arstistic Production Residency 2023

This first international call for artistic production aims to provide work space, economic resources and tools to give professional support and visibility to 1 international creator, based outside Spain, working within the theoretical framework of the IPS. The residency runs for one month, to be defined between September and October 2023 in agreement with the selected resident and the IPS. The theoretical framework of the IPS addresses the relationship between contemporary artistic practices and the necessary revision of the concept of Nature. The idea of a romanticized nature as a backdrop or neutral framework in which human activity takes place is no longer valid and must be replaced by a broader and more complex reflection. The natural environment cannot be read solely as a resource to be managed or as one that imposes the circumstances to which we must adapt, but as one of the main cultural constructions of modernity. Thus, the IPS works around the concept of postnature, understanding it as a political subject and place within the climate crisis, and establishes a platform for debate from which to investigate, communicate, and discuss new approaches to artistic practice through political ecology, postnatural aesthetics, and new ethics of creation that contribute to the definitive dissolution of the nature-culture binomial.

What we are looking for

We invite creators based outside Spain to develop an artistic project (new work or work in progress). The main objective of the residency is to offer follow-up and support for a project (from its research, conceptualization, and formalization) committed to the ecological crisis and the themes around which our platform works. We are looking for profiles of artists and creators who can benefit from an open process of work, establishing dialogues, synergies, and exchanges with the IPS team and with other agents nearby who deal with similar themes.

What the residency offers

  • Accommodation for the duration of the residency at the IPS headquarters for one person, even if duos or collectives apply.

  • Work and production space.

  • Accompaniment, logistical support, and mediation by the IPS team.

  • Public presentation of the result of the residency in a format to be defined between the selected person and the IPS team.

  • Financial endowment, through an invoice, of €2,500 in fees to be paid in two parts. The second one will be paid once all the documentation requested by IPS has been submitted and the end of the residency has been presented.

  • Travel allowance of up to €1,000.

  • A production grant of up to €1,000, to be agreed upon with the IPS team.

  • Diffusion and promotion of the resident's work.

Call for applications

Those interested in the residency must complete the application through the following form by July 16, 2023, inclusive:

Assessment of applications and resolution of the call for applications

The IPS team will evaluate the applications and the decision will be communicated to the selected person from 24 July 2023 by email and on the IPS platforms. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at

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