Negative Commons

Negative Common


Samaneh Moafi





Samaneh Moafi –senior researcher at Forensic Architecture, a research agency based at Goldsmith's University, and the supervisor of the Center for Contemporary Nature– presents a new concept on which they are working: Negative Commons.

Center for Contemporary Nature is the division of Forensic Architecture that specializes in studying how environmental changes are cause and consequence of human conflict. With a completely updated vision of "nature", and through advanced spatial and media investigations , they develop a work of exposing and verifying rights violations on behalf of subjects and communities affected by political violence. With these analyses, CCN seeks to create the necessary evidence to be able to denounce and take to court, the different situations of violence against natural environments, tribes or animal species.

With the intention of making a detailed and generous presentation of the Negative Commons concept, Samaneh presents three scenarios that they are working on. Beginning in the Gaza Strip, passing through Vaca Muerta, Argentina and ending in the palm forests of Indonesia, nature is presented as a sensitive and completely politicized subject.

Samaneh Moafi oversees the Centre for Contemporary Nature within Forensic Architecture.  Her research is focused on developing new evidentiary techniques for environmental violence. She holds a PhD from The Architectural Association (AA), and a a BA and MA in Architecture from the University of Technology, Sydney. Samaneh’s PhD thesis examined struggle and resistance from the home, with a particular focus on gender and class relations in Iran. Before joining Forensic Architecture in 2015, Samaneh practiced as an architect in Australia, taught BA Architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney, MArch Urban Design at the Bartlett School, University College, London, and led a number of short courses at the Royal College of Arts and the AA.

Samaneh Moafi & Institute for Postnatural Studies

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