La condición postnatural

La condición postnatural




Gabriel Alonso


Clara Benito

Graphic design

Matteo Guarnaccia

Alicia Sánchez González









La condición postnatural, Institute for Postnatural Studies, 2023
La condición postnatural, Institute for Postnatural Studies, 2024

La condición postnatural is a speculative glossary of terms and images, of stories and subjects, an unfinished archive of intertwined thoughts that are born as an invitation to take a critical distance from the modern Western conception of the "natural" by proposing new gazes and resonances. To this end, this book tries to articulate and mix affective philosophies, minor anthropologies, critical historical reviews, minimal histories, narratives, and stories on the margins, counterexamples that proliferate a kaleidoscopic vision of ecology in an increasingly deteriorated world. This book puts in crisis the hegemonic narratives around the natural, inviting to imagine and propose other worlds to come from respect, empathy, and coexistence.

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Interior pages, La condición postnatural, 2023

Postnature is a framework of thought that invites us to destabilize the nature-culture binomial, an inclusive and open space from which to discuss new approaches to ecology. Blurring the boundaries between science, aesthetics, ethics, and politics, it is posed as an interwoven and dynamic study where materialities, life forms, technologies, and cultures are infinitely intertwined. To define the postnatural is to rethink our relationship with our environments, with our ontological systems, with categorizations and narratives in different times and places, always concerning specific and situated geographical coordinates. This new framework of study proposes a cosmopolitical vision of the relationships between cultures, territories, matters, and other-than-humans, to disarticulate the models of thought and hierarchies derived from Western modernity. Thus, postnature offers new tools to vindicate a radical imagination through artistic creation, in a broad sense, as an engine to envision desirable futures and new ways of cohabiting and coexisting on a severely damaged planet.

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Interior pages, La condición postnatural, 2023

In line with the methodologies and research processes of the platform, the book is understood as a collaborative project. Therefore, in La condición postnatural, we also wanted to include and make visible the projects and research of some of those people who have become part of the extended network of the Institute for Postnatural Studies.

Research:     Gabriel Alonso Texts:    Gabriel Alonso     Clara Benito Editors:     Clara Benito Editorial Assistants:    Yuri Tuma         Karol Muñozcano Graphic design:    Matteo Guarnaccia Graphic design assistant:    Alicia Sánchez González     Alessia Lapio Collaborators: Paloma Villalobo, Valentín Bansac, Nicolás Sánchez, Fionn Duffy, Aitor Fría, Andra Lena, Pop Juri, Geerts Dana, Lorenzo Galgó, María Morata, Valeria Mata, Maya Pita-Romero, Lily Chishan Wong, Sina Sohrab, Davide Marcianesi, Preethisakana Mathiseka, Alessandro Pasero, Anna Raffaghello, Ludmila Secchin, Federico Dopazo, Alba Noguera.    Language:    Spanish Binding:    Softcover Paper:    Cover: Rainbow 78 intensive green 230gr     Inside: Munken print white 90g

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